We offer worldwide delivery. 

We ship our products by several ways. Rims, hubs and other small parts we ship by Post Service with tracking. Wheelsets and bikes we ship by EMS Express service (door to door delivery). Delivery fee depends on destination country and weight. After you place order we calculate shipping cost personally for you. Some samples of delivery cost wrote below:
- singlewall rim to USA, Europe - $25 (to Australia - $30)
- wheelset with tires to USA, Europe - $90 (to Australia - $140)
- chopper bicycle to USA, Europe - $200 (to Australia - $300)

Some words about bike's shipping. We use EMS express service as the best way (optimal combination of price and speed), but this service has limit in volume of cardboard packaging. Total length must be no more than 1,5 meter. For bypass this limitation we send bicycle in two boxes. In one we place frame, fork, handlebar, seddle and other small parts. In second box - wheels. So, after shipping bike, we send you two tracking numbers. By the way, we can declare each parcel as bicycle parts instead of "bicycle". It could help reduce customs fee, if you need pay them.