About us

We started bicycle's business and founded Alfabike brend in 2011. From the very beginning, we lit up the idea to promote "unusual" bikes (cruisers, choppers) to the Russian market. Time has shown that we hit the target.
Over time, we began to notice that there is a shortage of bicycle chopper parts - wide rims, tires and so on. Chopperbike fans were forced to order parts in other countries and pay big money. And we decided to occupy a free niche. 
Now I explain to you why it is very profitable to cooperate with us. We are direct importers of next companies - Jinhua Power Rim and Jinhua Samson Power rim (main rim's suppliers in China), Sturmey Archer (gear hubs), Shunfeng (hubs), Micargi Bicycles (cruiser bikes). We work without intermediaries and can guarantee you the best prices. More than two years we sale our products in our ebay store and its time now present our new online store. Enjoy!!!